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HEEHEE. I like that I can see myself in this banner. :D

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Can you also see the surprise guest in the back? hahaha =)

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I can indeed. xD Oh, Terminus.

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Ahahaha - that's an AWESOME picture for a friends only banner :D

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I thought so too. =)

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I love that picture - so many fun memories that day, and the days following!

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I know... gah, I miss everyone... =( ♥

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Excellent picture!
Everyone looks happy, and Aut looks like she's really laying down the law. ;)

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I love how happy and excited everyone looks in this picture... I had one that had more people within in, but this one just... was just too perfect. =)

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LOL! The back of my head is in the banner! AWESOME! That was such a fun day.

Although...I don't remember a black bear at the H/D meetup. Perhaps the heat addled my brain...

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Is it weird that... I knew which one you were right away? And also I know who just about every other person is based on the backs of their heads? ♥ fandom, with their distinguishing heads... ♥

There was totally a black bear at the H/D meetup... you don't recall? hahahaha ;)

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No, it's not weird at all! I can pick everyone out, too!

Although...the back of my head will soon look much different ~ I'm having about a foot of hair cut off. New style, and I can't wait!

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Somewhere off in the distance was me, being anti-social... heh.

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Yes, well.... things shall change for Azkatraz, am I right? *needs to meet you* <3 <3 <3

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omg I'm in this picture! :D

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I thought it was quite appropriate for a friends-only banner. =)
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Dude. I've never been in somebody's friends-only banner before. O_o

(Great photo! And, er, lovely bear...?)

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Hahaha, yes. He was there... don't you remember? ;)

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what a fabulous pic. love the sepia. and i'm in that pic, next to november. how cool is that?!

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I thought it was a cute idea for a friends banner. =)

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And there's the Bear. <3 He makes me happy. (I bet I know who he is. And it makes your banner JUST THAT MUCH MORE AWESOME.)

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(is it weird that I find myself by finding [ profile] mijan? O.o I don't think I'd recognize myself otherwise.)

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Yes. The bear, who so frequented our meetups. Hahahaha <3

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I just wanted to comment and say I have the weirdest face in this picture. O.o

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You just look so happy and like your on drugs, slightly. It's sort of adorable. lol. <3