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So... if there were to be a fest, and if that fest's name were hp_angstfest... would you participate?

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Here through [ profile] hd_prophet. I would love a fest devoted to angst, and if it wasn't overlapping with [ profile] hp_traditions, I'd be willing to help organize it, too.

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I saw this advertized and thought it sounded awesome! It'd be a great place for people to go look at fics when they want to wallow in depression.

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I would definitely love to participate, I love the angst as well. And if you'd like help with organizing, I'd love to do that as well. :D

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LOL! I couldn't resist! Although I really think it's a lovely idea. :-) You'll just have to tell me which ones have angst but end with "and then they shagged and were happy" - isn't that how mijan phrased it? LOL!